Culturally, we’ve come to a place where we are more concerned about the environment. Socially, we talk about it more than we ever have. It’s on the forefront of our national conscious.

We want to help. We want to reduce the negative effects we have on the earth. We want to take thoughtful actions to prevent the coming catastrophes many proponents of climate change predict.

This has been impacting customers’ buying decisions for years and businesses have responded. Many businesses have taken steps to offer more sustainable food options, to reduce waste, and provide recyclable options. They understand that customers’ decisions to support products and businesses that match their values could potentially impact their bottom line.

But, don’t think we’re saying it’s all about the money either. Businesses also have become more conscious about how they’re affecting the environment.

Environmentally Friendly

One way you can help is by purchasing environmentally-friendly commercial kitchen equipment. Energy efficient equipment options are easy to find and aren’t necessarily much more expensive than their “bad-for-the-environment” counterparts. They usually do have a heftier up-front cost, but by saving your establishment energy costs, they often more than make up the difference within their first year of use!

For more information on just how much exactly energy efficient equipment can save you, check out our blog posts “Energy Star Certified Cooking Equipment” and “Energy Star Certified Refrigeration, Ice Machines, and Dishwashers”.

But, just in case you needed more of an incentive to protect the environment, our government, your customers, and the brands that care enough about the environment to make energy efficient equipment have provided some. What follows are five reasons to purchase environmentally-friendly equipment from now on.

1) Tax Deductions

We know. We’re jumping back into the “money” category and we know that’s not all you care about. But, it’s too important not to mention. And this list, while numbered, is not to say one of these “incentives” is more important than the other.

Potential tax deductions, however, are a nice benefit to being a good person. When you make environmentally-friendly updates to your establishment, such as changing the lighting or putting in toilets and sinks that use less water, you can receive a property credit. When you purchase environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient kitchen equipment, you could receive tax credits for the improvements large enough to counter any additional costs the equipment might have been.

2) Customer Approval

Customers will love you.

By being environmentally-friendly, you will gain greater customer support. They’ll appreciate your efforts to help a cause that is important to them. Your values will more closely align with theirs and they’ll usually respond in kind.

It’s also marketable. It provides you the opportunity to sort of tut your own horn. You can brag on yourself a little, promoting awareness about your business and- even more importantly- about the environment. Take time to explain the changes you are making and how these changes make a difference in the environment.

This could win new customers as well as increase customer loyalty.

3) You Can Sleep at Night

While most of us are not too concerned about the environment beyond what affects our day to day life, it does feel nice to know we’ve done the right thing. And while it’s no guarantee you’ll sleep better at night, we can guarantee that you can feel a bit better about yourself knowing that you’ve made a decision that benefits our environment now and future generations.

4) Did We Mention it Saves Money?

The savings are quite substantial! Don’t believe us? Listen to some of these statistics, “The average restaurant spends 30% of its annual budget on energy, but switching to energy-efficient equipment can save the typical restaurant an average of $15,000 each year” (Greener Ideal). And that’s just the typical restaurant. You could save more!

5) Potential Certifications

Speaking of bragging rights, depending on how far you take your environmentally-friendly changes, you could become eligible for several “going-green” certifications. One of the most renown is recognition from the Green Restaurant Association. This is a certification you could display proudly within your restaurant, on your social media pages, and in your advertisements.

Learn what the requirements are for this certification at

What to Look For

The main things to look for when purchasing environmentally-friendly commercial kitchen equipment are an ENERGY STAR certification (certifications are listed at the end of each of our listing) or the phrase “environmentally-friendly” itself. If an item is environmentally-friendly or energy-efficient, we will have it noted within the products’ description.

If you have any questions, please let us know! We would be more than happy to help you find the perfect, environmentally-conscious equipment for you.

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