Pizza is a favorite at Douglas Equipment and in our e-commerce department DEQOnline. When our brands’ reps come to visit, they often bring Bellacino’s or Little Caesar’s- the two closet pizza places. This is something we both appreciate and take advantage of!

After considering our favorite pizzas (we discuss food a lot), we became curious about America’s favorite pizza toppings and the world’s strangest pizza creations. The list below is what part of our research uncovered.

1) Pepperoni


Pepperoni is America’s most popular pizza topping! When watching shows, pay attention to how many characters are eating pepperoni when they are eating pizza. This could be because marketers and directors know what we've just discovered - it's the most popular pizza in America (Huff Post, December, 2017)!

2) Mushrooms


Mushrooms are America’s second most popular pizza topping (Pequod's Pizza, 2020). Adding mushrooms with marinara sauce, vegetables and cheese that bring out their flavor for the best!

3) Onions


We wonder if sweet or savory onions are preferred (USA Today, September, 2020). It's amazing how sweet they can taste just from being lightly glazed with the oven's heat.

4) Sausage


Do you think beef or pork sausage is preferred? When I was growing up, beef sausage and cheddar cheese was regularly ordered on Saturday nights.

5) Bacon


Bacon adds extra flavor to your pizza (Huff Post, March, 2019). It was considered the fastest growing topping in 2014 as that year saw a huge increase in bacon's popularity (PMQ Pizza Magazine, February, 2014). One of the suspected reasons for this was its affordability, chef experimentation, and bacon's popularity on social pages.

6) Extra Cheese

Extra Cheese

Extra cheese enhances the flavor of any pizza and goes well with any topping! Some restaurants even let you choose multiple types of cheese. Cheddar is most common.

7) Black Olives

Black Olives

Combined with Parmesan, provolone, and feta cheeses, marinara sauce, and crunchy Jalapeños peppers, their flavor really pops!

8) Green Peppers

Green Peppers

Green peppers add extra crunch to one’s pizza! They have a slight tangy-sweet flavor that empowers them to be paired with almost anything. Their vibrant color makes them the perfect mild-flavored addition for those looking to experiment with new pizza toppings.

9) Pineapple


Despite the controversy that surrounds it, pineapples are often combined with chicken or ham on pizzas. They add a sweetness that no other ingredient can.

10) Spinach


Such a good choice! Healthy and flavorful, spinach blends deliciously with the mixture of cheeses and pizza sauce (USA Today, September, 2020).

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