We know you don’t always have time to read, but here are 10 foodservice magazines you should at least be skimming to stay current on trends:


Covering trends in developing and designing restaurants and commercial kitchens, this magazine is ideal for those building or remodeling their current business and those who work in construction. It provides insights into what consumers like and why professionals design buildings and kitchens how they do. The content is “reader-driven” so that it creates a source of community between readers, consumers, and restaurant professionals (About rd+d).


Modern Restaurant Management is what its name suggests. It covers current topics related to running a successful restaurant. Whether it be marketing, design, equipment, technology, finance, law, or media, it covers it to empower readers with information. Because of its focus on covering a variety of topics related to the industry, they have grown fast. Based in the U.S., they have quickly reached every state and extended their reach internationally.


Providing readers with a variety of content in a range of formats, Food & Wine produces reports, recipes, and more. They cover topics such as franchising, foodservice news, and food trends. This offers key insights into consumers’ perspectives, what foods are trending, what recipes they are trying, and what foods are most popular currently at chain restaurants, and more.

In addition to a print and online magazine, they publish cookbooks, host clubs, and produce a podcast.


While discussing more than the foodservice industry, Entrepreneur delivers professional insights into starting and growing businesses. They often share information specific to restaurants, concession stands, food trucks, bars, and more. The true stories they share are often inspirational and informational. Topics that are covered often are leadership, branding, and time management.

They also produce videos, podcasts, books, and host webinars.

Fast Casual

If you’re in the fast casual restaurant niche, this is a must-read magazine. Providing content online via slideshows, articles, and videos, they track and discuss the latest food and beverage news. They focus on ways to grow one’s business and how industry trends related to your business.

Total Foodservice

They serve the New York Metro area primarily, but their readership has extended around the U.S. via their online content. Subjects examined are food trends, chefs’ stories, purchasing equipment, and advice from restaurant consultants. They publish content from a variety of sources within the industry including from chefs, dealers, consultants, and restaurant suppliers.


A Toast publication, OntheLine presents high-quality content about a variety of subjects as they relate to the foodservice industry. Specific topics of consideration are menus, training and retaining employees, latest headlines, marketing, accounting, and how to operate one’s foodservice establishment. They even provide how-to guides on a variety of subjects. Some how-to articles even discuss foodservice equipment, a topic close to our hearts.


Delivering insight into restaurant news, Eater discusses food products, chain restaurants, and delivery apps. They focus on bars, restaurants, franchises, and traveling as it relates to the news and trending topics. They do include residential kitchen information and recipes for home chefs. They provide food recommendations based on places and seasonal produce around the world.


Serving fast casual restaurants, QSR covers how to operate and grow one’s business. They do this via articles, reports, podcasts, and hosted events. They provide insight into foods, franchises, delivery apps, and employee training and retention. They inform readers about labor shortages, news about restaurant chains, and recent headlines related to the industry.


Owned by the same company as QSR, FSR is designed for a different audience. They discuss similar topics, however, including operating and growing one’s business. They narrow these subjects into sections such as design, delivery, labor, leadership, technology, marketing, and philanthropy. They provide insight into sustainability, food safety, and consumer preferences. Franchising, chain restaurant news, branding, and menu innovation ideas are what you can expect from FSR.

Whether you have extra time on your hands and can sit down to read for three minutes or just want to browse titles, these are resources for foodservice information. Whatever topic you are interested in as related to restaurants and commercial kitchens, they deliver exceptional high-quality content.


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