Blodgett XR8-GS/STAND Gas Convection Oven

Blodgett XR8-GS/STAND Gas Convection Oven


This Blodgett XR8-GS/STAND Gas Convection Oven has everything needed to bake, steam, or even cool down your delicious creations. Equipped with rotating racks (removable without tools), this XR8-GS/STAND can hold up to 8 (18" x 26") baking pans at a time. The racks can be placed in any configuration desired using rack slide spacing in 1" increments. It has four halogen lights mounted strategically on the sides for superior lighting. With this superior lighting and the double pane tempered glass doors, you can easily keep your eye on your baking while fixing other dishes.

The doors are designed to be removable if needed and the 2-speed (3/4 horsepower) convection motor has an automatic thermal overload protection. While this prevents the XR8-ES from becoming overheated, the Gas Convection Oven's semi-rigid mineral fiber insulation, covering the exterior from top to bottom, holds heat in, maximizing heat retention. The control panel rotates out for convenient access and the controls are digitally programmable.

Features and Benefits:

Exterior Construction

  • Fully welded angle iron frame
  • Double pane tempered glass doors
  • Semi-rigid mineral fiber insulation at top, back, sides and bottom
  • Removable independent door design
  • Control panel rotates out for easy access

Interior Construction

  • 304 stainless steel interior
  • Rotating rack can be removed without tools
  • Rack slide spacing can be adjusted without tools in any configuration using 1” increments.
  • Four side-mounted halogen lights for superior illumination
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger system


  • Indirect-fired with in-shot burners
  • Internal steamer system
  • Holds 8 pans (18” x 26”) based on 4” adjustable slide spacing
  • Digital programmable controls
  • Separate bake and steam times
  • Cool-down mode
  • Blower delay
  • Two speed, 3/4 horsepower, convection motor with automatic thermal overload protection

Standard Features

  • Pre-plumbed water lines
  • Two-year parts and one-year labor oven warranty
  • Five-year limited oven door warranty



      • Floor space: 48.23" (1225mm) W x 40.27" (1023mm) D
      • Interior 32” (813 mm) W x 32” (813 mm) D
      • Product clearance:
      • 0" from combustible and non-combustible construction
      • 12” from back, sides and top recommended for service

Gas Supply

      • 3/4" IPS connection at rear of oven
      • Manifold Pressure: Natural: 3.5" W.C. Propane: 10" W.C.
      • Inlet Pressure: Natural: 5.0" W.C. min. to 14.0" W.C. max. Propane: 11.0" W.C. min. to 14.0" W.C. max.

Maximum Input

      • XR8-G: 110,000 BTU/hr

Power Supply

      • XR8-G 120V, 60Hz, 1 phase, 15 amp maximum dedicated circuit
      • 220-240V, 50Hz,1 phase, 2 wire
      • Blodgett recommends a Pass & Seymour, model 2095, GFCI for this oven.

Cold Water Supply

      • Pipe Size 3/4” GHT
      • Pressure 40-75 psi. (276-517 kPa)
      • Flow Rate 27 GPH (102 LPH)
      • Appliance is to be installed with backflow protection in accordance with Federal, State or Local codes.


      • XR8-G: 3/4” NPT rear drain connection

Minimum Entry Clearance

      • Uncrated* 45” (1143 mm)
      • Crated 49.25” (1251mm)
      • * Unit measures 34” (864) deep with the doors, control panel, and back panel removed.

Shipping Information

    • Approx. Weight: XR8-G: 950 lbs. (431 kg); Stand: 175 lbs. (79 kg)
    • Crate Sizes: XR8-G: 49.25” (1251mm) x 54.25” (1378mm); Stand: 54” (1371mm) x 34” (864mm) x 28” (711mm)
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