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For over 30 years, Douglas Equipment has believed in providing the highest quality products and service to our customers. Now, brings that same goal online. We're here to serve you, our customers!

Who We Are

Douglas Equipment was established in 1986 by Larry Douglas on the principles of honesty, integrity, and providing the highest quality products available to its customers. Since that time, Douglas Equipment has steadily expanded into every state in the U.S. and around the world.

As one of the top 100 distributors in the industry, our experienced sales force is available to supply the needs of government bids, contract work, schools, convenience stores, and restaurants, with pricing and quality second to none.


Shipping Information

What is freight delivery?
Freight delivery is required when merchandise is too large or heavy to be delivered by UPS or USPS. These items are delivered to your locations via a tractor trailer. Standard Delivery does not include unloading the merchandise or delivering it inside of your location. You are responsible for offloading the merchandise and bringing your merchandise inside of your location. Please contact us if you require special handling.

What is a lift-gate?
A lift-gate is a device used to raise and lower items from ground level to the level of a tractor trailer. Freight companies deliver items on a tractor trailer which is 56 inches above the ground. These trailers are designed to load and unload at a loading dock or with a fork-lift. If your delivery location does not have a loading dock or fork-lift and the item is too heavy to remove from the trailer by hand, then you may need a lift-gate.

Do I need lift-gate delivery?
There are several ways to avoid paying lift-gate delivery costs. If your delivery location has a loading dock or forklift you do not need a lift-gate. If the individual items in your shipment are light enough for you and your friends to remove from the truck you do not need a lift-gate. If you are willing to drive to the closest terminal and take terminal delivery you do not need a lift-gate. Terminal delivery is often a good way to save both lift-gate and residential delivery fees. If none of these options work for you then you will need lift-gate delivery.

How much does lift-gate delivery cost?
The average cost of a lift-gate is $75. Douglas Equipment ships with several different freight companies depending on the delivery location and the delivery services you request. The best way to find your actual lift-gate cost is to call us for an exact quote of your delivery costs with and without lift-gate delivery

What is Residential Delivery?
Residential delivery is a term and fee used by freight carriers to describe delivery to any address which is not zoned commercial. Usually this is a home, but it could be a church, farm community center, etc. Businesses run from a home are still considered residential. The average residential delivery fee is $75.

Do I need Residential Delivery?
Often you can avoid residential delivery fees by receiving your shipment at a nearby business or office building. If you have a pickup truck capable of hauling your item, we can schedule "terminal delivery" where the item is delivered to the closest trucking terminal and you receive the item there. This is a good way of saving both residential and lift-gate delivery fees.

What is terminal delivery?
Terminal delivery is where the freight company delivers your shipment to their closest freight terminal (usually in the closest urban area) and you receive the shipment at their terminal.

Why would I use terminal delivery?
By accepting your shipment at the terminal you can save residential and lift-gate delivery fees. You can also save high local delivery fees if you live in a remote or hard to reach area.

How does insurance work with freight shipments?
Every freight shipment is insured. But in order to collect the insurance on damaged goods the receiver MUST INSPECT THE SHIPMENT BEFORE SIGNING FOR IT! Legally, when Douglas Equipment signs the shipment over to the freight company, the freight company owns it. When you receive the item and sign for it, you own it. Therefore it is imperative that you carefully inspect your shipment for any damage. If there is any damage at all you must note the damage on the freight bill. This is the only way you will be compensated for the damage!!

What should I look for when inspecting my shipment ??
A very small amount of freight shipments arrive damaged, but be sure to inspect your item when it arrives. The most common cause of damage is the fork-lift so pay special attention to holes poked in the packaging and to the bottom 18" of the shipment. Inspect the outside of the packaging to look for dents or crushed corners. If you see anything even slightly suspicious carefully remove all packaging and inspect the item. The driver may be impatient but that beats having to settle for a damaged item. Unlike FedEx or UPS, if you sign your Freight bill free of any claims then you have little recourse if you later discover that it is damaged.

What if my item is damaged?
You have two options. You can note damage on the freight bill and accept the item anyway, or you can refuse the shipment. 99% of freight damage is cosmetic. If you sign the freight bill damaged then the freight company will replace your item, approve reimbursement for parts and repair, or provide compensation depending on the damage to your item. This is often the best option if you need to get your item operational and the damage is cosmetic. If you refuse the shipment it will be returned to us and we will ship a replacement as soon as possible.** This may take some time due to stocking issues and transit times, but this is usually the best option if your shipment is damaged beyond repair. If you accept your shipment in a damaged state it is very important that you call the freight company immediately to schedule an inspection and file the freight claim, you should take good pictures from different angles of the item and the packaging, and you should save all packaging material.

** If the item is used, there will be no replacement available, so it is vitally important to have the freight company compensate you for repair.

Return Policy:

Returns are at the discretion of Douglas Equipment. If accepted, prior authorization must be obtained to return any equipment. Authorized returns for credit must be prepaid and be received by Douglas Equipment within 10 working days of purchase. Credit will be based on invoice price, less 25% restocking charge, and return freight charges. Refurbishing, if necessary, will be an additional charge to purchaser and will be deducted from any authorized credit.

  • If free shipping was offered, original and return shipping charges will be deducted from refund amount.
  • If you order a "Special Order" or "Custom" item, the restocking fee would apply as soon as the order has been placed with the factory.



If item is delivered to WV, VA, KY, FL, MD, CA, TN, SC or NC then any taxes imposed by state governmental authorities on the sale, or use of goods referred to in this auction shall be paid by the buyer, in addition to the purchase price. If items are tax exempt for reasons of: resale, sales of Non-taxable services, Sales to Agricultural Producers, Governmental Entities, or Sales to Persons Presenting a Direct Pay Permit, a signed tax exemption must be filed.