Comstock Castle SUCSP18 18

Comstock Castle SUCSP18 18" Step-Up Stock Pot Gas Range

Comstock Castle SUCSP54 54

Comstock Castle SUCSP54 54" Step-Up Stock Pot Gas Range

Comstock Castle SUCSP36 36" Step-Up Stock Pot Gas Range

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This Comstock Castle SUCSP36 36" Step-Up Stock Pot Gas Range is equipped with burner sections, durable construction, and easy to use controls. With stainless steel finish and corrosion resistant aluminized framing, this Stock Pot Range is durable and painless to keep clean. By using gas instead of electricity, this 36" Range heats up faster and offers greater temperature control. Its burner sections accommodate pots ranging from 18" to 20" in diameter. This SUCSP36 is equipped with brass gas valves, automatic standing pilots, adjustable pressure regulators, and long-lasting double venturi tubes to ensure efficient operation. Its eight manual controls are located at the front of the Gas Range and are designed to stay cool to the touch.

Features and Benefits:

  • Open front cabinet base
  • (4) 18" x 21" cast iron top grates
  • Standard stainless steel finish
  • Welded with corrosion resistant aluminized framing steel
  • Stainless steel front panel
  • 6" heavy duty pipe legs with adjustable feet
  • Brass gas valves
  • Automatic standing pilots
  • Adjustable pressure regulators
  • Cool to the touch control knobs
  • (4) Long life, double venturi
  • Cast iron burners
  • Heavy duty, one piece cast iron top grate with cast in bull nose
  • Accommodates pots as large as 18"-20" in diameter


  • Model: SUCSP36
  • Dimensions: 25" H x 36" W x 40" D
  • Shipping Weight: 600 lbs
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